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Must love dogs.

First of all I would love to thank each and one of you who is reading this post, thank you to each and one of you who made purchase of "Dog Love" Collection. With out your love and support I would not be able to accomplish this mission and deliver 220 pounds of dog food to Tijuana Mexico, where I rescued my beautiful mastiff Delilah.

My very first trip to Tijuana happen in August of 2012, with intention to blog about local rescue group and design jewelry, that will represent dog love and inspire to choose adoption first. But instead of coming back with jewelry ideas, I got back with near to death mastiff Delilah, who changed my life for ever. After almost 3 years living with me, Delilah skin cancer aggressively spread over her chest. On may 1st I had to make hardest decision and set Delilah free from suffering any further. 
It's was hard and still hard to know Delilah is gone. First week dealing with grief I spend a lot of time in my studio, hiding my pain and tears I managed to cope with creativity and bring to life "Dog Love" collection

Each dollar from this collection goes to purchasing food for dogs in need cross the boarder and I'm beyond excited to share with you my first trip to Tijuana. I live and work in Downtown Los Angeles and on Saturday, august 9th we took a ride cross the boarder. 

Huge thank you to my dear friend Ivon Melendez Fontes, we meet 3 years ago at my first trip where I rescued Delilah. Tijuana resident and native, she is standing for animals rights and volunteers at many events like "Spay and Neuter for low income" and this is how she meet our first location of delivery with fist 88 pounds of food. 

Please meet Ester,


88 years young she provides shelter to 14 dogs and only Lord knows how many cats.


Ester does not have home phone or cell phone, barely surviving on her own, her big heart always have space for extra dog and cat. Every day, she comes down from top of the hill and goes to local restaurants asking for leftovers of food to feed her dogs and cats. 


Her authentic Mexican beauty shines and radiate nothing but pure loving heart, when we dropped the food her eyes filled up with tears of gratitude and joy.

Our next stop - Rosarito, popular vacation place for many U.S. residents (about 20 minutes from Tijuana). Empty landscape with stunning view of a ocean currently going thru largest construction facelift with new housing for vacation houses and brand new Convention Center ( you can see it behind stray dog, scratching and itching from fleas) 

Please meet Maria, 

Her house/dog sanctuary located in the area of new development. With over 30 dogs, Maria still bring dogs that about to get euthanized in kill shelters. She said "I started with few dogs, many of them in need of medical help, hopping to find home for many of them I still bring every week new dog. With help from others rescue volunteers, all of her dogs are spayed and neutered".

In next few month she will have to relocate, government offering her to move with financial help to keep building new houses and she had to put stop on spending money to build better environment for her dogs. Day time they are running around on front yard and night time they all go inside of her small house. She is hopping to relocate before heavy rains starts in about 3 month, if rains starts before she moves, it's will be impossible to build during stormy season because soil will turn in to mud. 



It's no doubt a blessing to be able make a difference on this earth. My first trip on behalf of my Angel Delilah finally happen.
Thank you so much once again, dream big, work hard, love more and always remember think adoption first. 

To make a difference in life of other dogs visit my full collection "Dog Love". Please love and share this post and help me to make a difference in life of others dogs like Delilah, who have no chance of surviving. 

With love Creative Galina. 







  • Galina Gegenava
  • animal rescue in Tijuanadog lovedog rescueTijuana dog rescue

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