• Silver Dumbbell Jewelry Mystical Natural Powers
  • Galina Gegenava

Silver Dumbbell Jewelry Mystical Natural Powers

Silver Dumbbell Jewelry and natural Silver powers. Visit latest Blog post.
Jewelry is like a biography. A story that tells the many chapters of our life. 
It's so true, Silver Dumbbell Jewelry collection is such a big part of my life, I will never forget my journey of overcoming fears and believing in myself. Thru out my fitness transformation I found strength with in and enhance it with natural power of Silver. 
Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, USA. Silver and Gold Dumbbell Jewelry by Creative Galina & Co.
Each time I work with silver to create jewelry, I feel an indescribable flow of calmness and peace that makes me think of the beauty of this world. There is an energy in this spinning globe that brings purpose to each creation of this planet. Just like healing herbs or cleansing detoxifying mud, silver holds its own mystical powers — powers that have been known and talked about for thousands of years in many different civilizations and cultures. 
Our ancestors loved silver jewelry not only for decorative purposes, or the public expression of financial status, but also for silver’s healing powers: the growth of positive vibes, and the awakening and fostering of intuition. As a metal of the moon, silver brings calmness and balance in contact with the skin, providing the wearer with protection from negative energy. Sleeping with a silver necklace or bracelet on can also enhance clarity in psychic dreams.
I know that this might not be a scientifically proven statement, but the testimonials of my jewelry wearers can confirm silver’s magical powers. 
Sarah Weisgerber once said to me, “I put it on and felt a wave of strength and happiness.”
Mimi Taylor can’t deny the strength of handmade dumbbell jewelry with this statement:  “Wearing her pieces is a reminder to myself that I can accomplish anything.” 
The energy I feel in the process of making each order was even felt by Pamela Torbett. She said, “Your strength and love comes through your jewelry.”
To enhance your silver’s strength and cleanse yourself from negative energy, lay your silver jewelry overnight under the light of a full moon. Enjoy its powers after giving it a proper bath with this silver cleaner to maintain its stunning sparkle — a reminder that absolutely anything is possible and you deserve your dreams becoming reality. 
With Love and Passion for Fitness and Fashion, 
Creative Galina. 
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Handmade Silver and Gold Dumbbell Jewelry, wholesale manufacturing in Downtown Los Angeles by Creative Galina & Co.
  • Galina Gegenava

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  • Oct 03, 2016

    Oh Galina this is so beautifully written. I feel more intune and happy to have more knowledge about the power of silver. Your pieces of jewelry mean everything to me. For the craftsmanship and its powers. Thank you for this post.

    — Sarah W

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