Dog Love

Dog Love Collection, handmade jewelry made to make a difference. "Dog Love" Sterling Silver Jewelry Collection inspired by mastiff Delilah, rescued from Tijuana Mexico in 2012. Delilah was neglected and starved nearly to death, from 60 pounds of an unrecognizable breed, she was able to recover to no more than 90 pounds. Delilah kind and loving spirit inspired many around her, including me who spend most beautiful almost 3 years with her. During this time, Delilah had about 3 skin growth removals to prevent Melanoma spreading further. Mid April Delilah fainted and at the emergency vet visit we find out Melanoma was aggressively attacking her chest with prognoses of few days to few weeks to live. It's was most difficult and painful experience of letting her go and on May 1st, Delilah departed to Heaven free from pain and suffering. 

Currently, Tijuana Mexico has the largest population of abandon and stray dogs and cats. Many breeds like Delilah stolen and used for over breeding and neglected if dog have health problems.

On Delilah behalf, proceeds from this Collection will be going towards food and blankets to Support small rescue group in Tijuana Mexico to continue saving more abandon and abused animals.

To read Delilah story, please visit my blog.

From the bottom of my heart Thank you for your Love and support,

Galina Gegenava.