Silver Handmade Dumbbell Jewelry Journey

Handmade Silver Dumbbell jewelry designed with intention to become your daily reminder of your fitness goals, this fine fitness jewelry collectable became most wanted this season before even coming to the store. This simple piece of handmade Jewelry meets fitness and fashion with inspirational message of your one of a kind fitness journey.  

Each order is handcrafted from finest Sterling silver, each dumbbell ring or dumbbell jewelry necklace created to perfection to be your trophy to your daily achievements.

Silver Dumbbell Jewelry, Handmade in USA by Creative Galina    

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Silver Dumbbell Jewelry Mystical Natural Powers

Silver Dumbbell Jewelry and natural Silver powers. Visit latest Blog post.
Jewelry is like a biography. A story that tells the many chapters of our life. 
It's so true, Silver Dumbbell Jewelry collection is such a big part of my life, I will never forget my journey of overcoming fears and believing in myself. Thru out my fitness transformation I found strength with in and enhance it with natural power of Silver. 
Handmade in downtown Los Angeles, USA. Silver and Gold Dumbbell Jewelry by Creative Galina & Co.
Each time I work with silver to create jewelry, I feel an indescribable flow of calmness and peace that makes me think of the beauty of this world. There is an energy in this spinning globe that brings purpose to each creation of this planet. Just like healing herbs or cleansing detoxifying mud, silver holds its own mystical powers — powers that have been known and talked about for thousands of years in many different civilizations and cultures. 
Our ancestors loved silver jewelry not only for decorative purposes, or the public expression of financial status, but also for silver’s healing powers: the growth of positive vibes, and the awakening and fostering of intuition. As a metal of the moon, silver brings calmness and balance in contact with the skin, providing the wearer with protection from negative energy. Sleeping with a silver necklace or bracelet on can also enhance clarity in psychic dreams.
I know that this might not be a scientifically proven statement, but the testimonials of my jewelry wearers can confirm silver’s magical powers. 
Sarah Weisgerber once said to me, “I put it on and felt a wave of strength and happiness.”
Mimi Taylor can’t deny the strength of handmade dumbbell jewelry with this statement:  “Wearing her pieces is a reminder to myself that I can accomplish anything.” 
The energy I feel in the process of making each order was even felt by Pamela Torbett. She said, “Your strength and love comes through your jewelry.”
To enhance your silver’s strength and cleanse yourself from negative energy, lay your silver jewelry overnight under the light of a full moon. Enjoy its powers after giving it a proper bath with this silver cleaner to maintain its stunning sparkle — a reminder that absolutely anything is possible and you deserve your dreams becoming reality. 
With Love and Passion for Fitness and Fashion, 
Creative Galina. 
Please visit Dumbbell Couture Collection to find your one of a kind handmade jewelry to tell your chapter of your life. 
Handmade Silver and Gold Dumbbell Jewelry, wholesale manufacturing in Downtown Los Angeles by Creative Galina & Co.

Master Layering your Silver Necklaces with help of 3" Silver Extender

New 3" silver necklace extender | Dumbbell Jewelry by Creative Galina

With help of this must have Silver Jewelry Extender you now can layer same length necklaces. With balanced one inch distance between each necklace you can create styles and look to represent your fit and healthy lifestyle in style.  With layers of one of a kind handmade Dumbbell Jewelry and Creative Galina Treasures may your journey inspire someone in your life. 


This silver necklace extender gives you room with in 3" to adjust your favorite piece to need it length.


Featured Items: 


"Always in My heart" Dumbbell Couture Necklace 

"Always in my Heart" Dumbbell Couture | silver dumbbell Jewelry necklace

"Shining Star" CG Treasures Necklace 

Shining Star silver jewelry necklace by Creative Galina & Co, handmade in USA

"Wild Kid" CG Treasures Ring 

Wild Kid Ring, item available as pendant. Handmade Jewelry by Creative Galina & Co.

"Hope" CG Treasures Ring 

Hope silver ring, handmade by Creative Galina

"Dog Love" CG Treasures Ring 

Silver Bone ring | handmade silver jewelry by Creative Galina & Co.


Your Testimonials and your LOVE is my inspiration.

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. Your love and support is a fuel to my creative heart, I'm beyond blessed to be able bring to life my imagination for your one of a kind journey reminder that absolutely anything is possible.


Creative Galina.Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Creative Galina.

I’ve meet you at Olympia 2015, That’s where I got the dumbbell studs. And I NEVER wear earrings, because my ears and skin are very sensitive to most of the jewelry. I never took the earrings off ever since.  Just you know, you have the best, the most creative jewelry in the business!  And I’ve seen pretty much all of the brands out there. 

Elizabeth Shuvalova


I never take my “Re-Rack it” Dumbbell jewelry off, never. It's a constant reminder of who I am and what my fitness journey is about which is a life long LIFESTYLE. Galina's jewelry is handcrafted and unique. What I LOVE about all her pieces is that it's REAL! My hands are always in water because I'm a hairstylist and I am always sweating at the gym. Her jewelry never changes because it's QUALITY and I love that. Everything is packaged with love because it's made with Love. I look at my ring and all I hear is Galina saying, "Train like a Pro". Thank you for your beautiful craftsmanship!!!! Keep dressing us with your talented creations!

Cristina Gedang IFBB PRO
I met Galina 4 years ago; many would say we met by accident but I say we met by fate. I own some of her very first pieces; pieces from when Dumbbell Jewelry was just in it’s infancy. I love each and every piece and they all hold special meanings to me. Dumbbell Jewelry means more to me than just a fitness or healthy lifestyle it is proof that dreams become reality and you can achieve anything you set your mind to. Wearing her pieces is a reminder to myself that I can accomplish anything.  I never had a name for our relationship until she created her “Lifer” pieces with Chalene Johnson; Galina is a lifer. She gives 100% to everything and everyone she loves.

Mimi Taylor
I love it so much, I put it on and felt a wave of strength and happiness. I can't wait to wear it out and show it off.
Sarah Weisgerber
I was lucky enough to find Galina years back when she was just beginning this incredible journey she embarked upon. Over the years I have watched her amazing and beautiful creations come to life and have watched her as she has flourished into an established artist as I like to think of her. My very first piece was her original dumbbell necklace. From that day I was hooked!!!! Since then I have come to own dozens of her magical necklaces, rings, earrings and even a custom made anklet! Her jewelry to me represents strength, courage and beauty. A line of amazing jewelry for those that find their strength both in and out of the gym. I am blessed to be a walking billboard for all her gorgeous creations!! If you ask her pretty please she'll even design custom pieces for you like she has done for me in the past ;)
Galina continues to amaze me with her creativity and artistic talent. From week to week she comes up with these new mind blowing designs that keep my bank account on it's toes!! The thought, heart and soul that goes behind every creation is amazingly displayed in every intricate detail of each piece. The rapid growth of her business speaks volumes about her and the endless hours, blood, sweat and tears she has put into it. This is truly a woman who believes in and genuinely loves what she does. That to me is what makes her jewelry so very special. 
I'm so very thankful and blessed to say that not only has Galina become my very own personal jeweler... But she has become a very dear and cherished friend as well. If you are looking for a way to represent your strength and individuality inside and outside of the gym, look into treating yourself to a piece of her magic. You won't be disappointed!!!
With much love and support for your amazing and growing journey,
Michelle Trapp
IFBB Women's Physique Pro
I met Galina years ago and have some of her very first jewelry but when she started Dumbbell Jewelry she didn't take it up a notch..she took it to a whole new world!  Also partly because of her, I started my own dumbbell journey and lost (in total) 40 pounds.  But my "gift" to myself was to get a piece from her when I hit 25 pounds.
In May 2015 I got the "Majestic Light" ring and honest..not ONE day since then have I not worn it.  I love it love it love it.  Since then I've added earrings and 3 more rings and a necklace.  
I get stopped on the streets by people complimenting me on the beautiful jewelry.  They are all different (not all dumbbells) so people always focus on different pieces, whatever speaks to them.  That only shows the vast appeal of her work.  A few days ago a waiter at a local restaurant actually stopped us from ordering as he stated "I MUST see your hands first".  It was great.
Quality?  check.  Beauty?  Check.  Wearability?  Check  Galinatized?  Forever.  Magic?  Total.
<3 <3
Kristy Graham
Oh my goodness, it's gorgeous and I just never want to take it off, it's that comfortable. I love that the bow is not a charm, so it does not slide to my back when I am in the gym or get caught in my hair, very well thought out! I love that it has weight to it, besides being so beautifully polished, I noticed it had a perfect weight to it, I was surprised. You can just feel the warmth of the silver and I can just imagine you creating it with your perfect nails, awesome funky glasses on, your bib overalls, and probably listening to some spiritual uplifting music.

I am an original only dumbbell jewelry fan and a huge Galina fan and friend. Thank you for sharing your heart, your strength and love comes through your jewelry and I am honored you started me with my first piece! Now I am like a kid in a candy store!!!!

Love, Health and Happiness my beautiful friend,
Pamela Torbett
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